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Your FREE Content Calendar for January 2021

Introducing the 2021 Caribbean Collective content calendar that enables you to create and manage your social media marketing without the hassle of constantly coming up with fresh content ideas. In other words, we’ve done all the hard work for you, saving you a bunch of time and energy.

We have designed the calendar in such a way that it strikes a balance between brand promotion, building a community of fans, followers and clients, and using your platform to provide value in order to build a following and trust in your audience.

“Preparation is the key to success.”

The Caribbean Collective content calendar is a well thought out content plan that flows month to month, ensuring that your audience stays engaged and increases familiarity with your brand.

We know that whilst it is ideal to have a social media team, not every business is able to afford it. That is why we created the content calendar, to assist you in managing your social media and provide you with a balanced and workable strategy that portrays you and your brand effectively.

We have designed a content calendar that will allow you to create content that is genuinely interesting, generates brand awareness and brand presence, and gives value to your audience, in order to build trust and engagement over time.

The great thing about the content calendar is that it helps you to stay focused whilst giving you the freedom to customise and personalise the content you put out.

Loving the January Content Calendar?

Our Q1 Content Calendar will be available for sale soon - stay tuned to find out more!


Monthly business round up - causal and friendly way to keep audience informed about your business without selling or suggesting. If you have a newsletter, you can tie the content or a link to it into this post quite neatly.

ASK - the human brain naturally responds to questions, so asking a question will encourage your audience to engage with your brand, and build a connection with it.

Balance between natural and spontaneous which keeps your brand interesting and engaging, yet consistent with certain regular types of posts that your audience can come to expect from you and associate your brand with. For example, having regular posts with extracts from your blog, monthly business round up, lessons learned and industry insights, develops a brand expectation and your audience will start to engage more with these posts as they become familiar with the posting patterns. In other words, they know what to expect and look forward to the content.

National or international day relating to that month. e.g. earth day, world book day, women's week, etc. can be found online, we like - remember to choose those you are genuinely passionate about. It demonstrates wider brand or personal values and is another way to connect with a broader audience.


Loving the January Content Calendar?

Our Q1 Content Calendar will be available for sale soon - stay tuned to find out more!

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