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Working Remotely - A Day In The Life

A day working remotely is not the same as going into the office; when you’re working from home, things will be a little different…


Time to get to your desk. You have dragged yourself out of bed, put the kettle on, and thanked your lucky stars you do not have to sit in traffic. You have been given the gift of time, and use it wisely to make a head start. Push the cat off the chair, move the teddy bears that have appeared by magic on top of your keyboard overnight, and sit down at your home office.


The cat is back. Push him off. He does not help.

11am It’s been quiet...too quiet. You’re about to get a call from a client. Driiiiing! Yes, this is your client; and yes they need to talk to you very urgently; but, no, it’s not good news; they’re calling to say they have decided to do a complete U-turn on the project. It’s someone from above - they want to go in the opposite direction. Could you just start again?

Working Remotely - A day in the life of a remote worker


Huzzah! Lunch time. This is when you really see how great it is to stay at home to work. You don’t need to go out and waste time in scuffling queues, and then pay an exorbitant amount of your salary on a not-so-fresh lunch, handmade by a not-to-fresh café worker with mild Tourettes and a problem with personal hygiene. No, this time you can do it yourself. You can cook something fresh and delicious.


Quickly put out small kitchen fire? with a hand towel. Eat crackers.


Call your cousin to have a moan. Something has got on your nerves, and you are too paranoid to Whatsapp in case someone, somehow, sees the messages. So you quickly Skype Jo under the pretense of having a question about Google Ad Words, and then swiftly move the conversation onto discuss Uncle Geoffrey, and his latest gold digging girlfriend. You couldn’t do this in the office.


Practically afternoon tea time. Have the first of many biscuits. Decide it’s time to start working on the U-turn from this morning. It’s good that you’ve had a few hours to mull it over. Maybe it’s time to do a bit of washing up and have a bit more of a think.


Finishing a second lot of laundry, and cleaning the bathroom, and clearing out your old sock drawer (because you just never have time to do that any other day), you finally sit down and have another think about the client. You consider the fact you’ve spent the last 90 minutes on chores, and that might not be seen as the best use of time, but it was what you needed to get a clear head. You’ve got energy for the first time since lunch (must have been that 10th biscuit) and you dive into the project head first.


Had such a productive time, you’re over the moon. Progress has been unstoppable and you’ve achieved a lot more than you had with the first go at the project. The first idea sucked.


If you’d been in the office, you wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of the last 2 hours, with people coming by to say hello, or asking inane questions, or offering cups of coffee. You have got so much done, you can’t wait to show the client what you’ve achieved in the relatively short space of time.


Client call. They’ve done a U-turn on the U-turn. C’est la vie.

6.10 pm

Attempt to follow a workout video on YouTube. Open a bottle of wine instead. Write a short list of what you need to do tomorrow because it all starts again. But at least it’s only a few yards from your desk to your bed. The joys of working from home...


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