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Women4Women: Why The Podcast Is Our Cheerleader

Why you should have a podcast to hand. Podcast is my secret cheerleader / weapon to get me through a long slog.

I am not one of those hardcore podcast listeners; I don’t walk and listen to a podcast on my commute, or get one in while cooking dinner; I rarely finish a series; and I can’t swear by any one or the other. However, I definitely believe in the power of the podcast!

It can be overwhelming sometimes, you supporting yourself. And having these strong women podcasters playing in the background, sharing their story, their advice, their lessons, whether or not they directly relate to you, helps. Even as background noise, dare I say it. There is an energy that comes with sharing, and someone else sharing their voice and ideas and experiences, and listening to it, naturally, subconsciously, boosts you. I’ve felt it so many times, that just having this voice of a woman who has made it, or maybe gone through something similar to me, just adds a little extra energy to and lifts the heaviness in my mind and boom, I’m suddenly inspired to focus again.

So, we will be sharing our faves now and then, hopefully every month, on a range of themes and topics that boost creativity, motivate us in business and life, or simply make us feel good as a woman and as a person. And since the world of podcasts has had its own baby boom, let us know what you are listening to and if you would recommend any yourself - we are all ears!

Sang & Marianne

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