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Why the Caribbean Collective is not a marketing and advertising agency.

When is a marketing and advertising agency not an agency?

What is a Collective? Collective is a sustainable business model.

Everyone has heard of the saying that two heads are better than one; now imagine four, each with different expert skills and experience... and that's just getting started.

Welcome to the Caribbean Collective. We are four founders, yet we are many in number making us an unparalleled creative and communications network. Since coming together and forming the Caribbean Collective our creativity and output has increased and expanded simply by putting our heads together in the running of our business. By sharing ideas, perspectives and giving feedback we are stronger, better supported and deliver innovative original content and services that we are proud of and that our clients love.

We owe this success to our business model and here we tell you about the benefits of working as a collective in the current business climate.

The world has gotten smaller; many businesses have a global or international element to it. The world, technology and society, is evolving so quickly. These two facts call for a way of working that is extensive in reach and potential, and is flexible in structure. In other words, a business model that can evolve with the challenges and opportunities of the times.

So what is a collective and how does it suit these fast moving times? In simplest terms a collective is based on a membership model, in this case individual creatives and technical experts. For each project that the Collective takes on, we put together a team from our membership group according to our client's needs. This allows us to pick the best people for our clients and it allows our experts the freedom to manage their careers and develop their expertise.

Having an extensive network with members in different countries around the world means that we can keep up to date with a vast number of fields. We have no overheads, our members have autonomy so they come on board on projects that they genuinely want to work on, we promote and help each other, and like a family we are bound by a common desire to serve businesses having an impact in the world. As the business world evolves, so do we. Our growth and evolution is natural / organic; the more people become part of the Collective, the more heads come together, the larger our collective brain.

Making working with Caribbean Collective a no-brainer.

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