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Welcome Stampers Series : Wifi And Waves

Here are some of our favourite spots to work with a view (and sometimes a cheeky cocktail):

Sea Shed

A high-stool shore-line view or a seat at a table under the shade of an umbrella.


No escaping the views or the vibe whether sat inside or IN a shaded sun lounger outside.

Fairmont Pavillion

Tranquil with a little bustle, and an indoor and outdoor option for working.


For a view from above, and a fresh salted sea breeze to match.

The Crane Hotel

For more rustic views, a bit of a breeze and lots of food and snack options in the vicinity.

Blue Pineapple

If you like to work with a bit of background chatter and passers-by.

Have any suggestions? Comment below! Or get in touch with us directly at and we will get back in touch with you soon.

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