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Welcome Stamp Series: What Hobby To Take Up While On An Island

You’ve taken the leap to spend a year working on a beautiful island in the Caribbean, why not take up a new hobby whilst you are here?

The most obvious choice for trying something new whilst in Barbados is to take advantage of the clear and beautiful waters. To that end, here are our recommended water related activities which can provide the perfect balance to your time working here in Barbados.

Paddle yoga

Maybe you have yoga-ed on the beach already, or simply want something a little more dynamic and adventurous to test your balance and alignment. Try downward dog on a paddle board in the bluest of blue seas!!

We recommend Santosha and Paddle Barbados for beginners and those who have tried it before. And those who are looking for a fun way to work out!


Easier than it sounds, harder than it looks… but with the patient and expert teachers at Paddle Barbados, you’ll develop your skills in no time! The waves often gentler at this end of Carlisle Bay making Pebbles beach a great surfing spot for beginners and for children too.

What’s more, the teachers are Barbados surf and paddle board champions so be sure to get some tips and good stories from them too.


You’re in safe hands with award winning Barbados Blue Watersports and Trident Freedivers, both fully certified and open to beginners and seasoned divers.

Kite Surfing

For the more daring bunch, Endless Kiteboarding is one of the top schools in the Caribbean for kitesurfing, led by senior instructor Roland Boyce.


If you’d like to see another blog in this series, or if there's a topic you want to talk to us about, drop a comment in the box below or email us directly at and we will get back in touch with you soon.

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