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The Only 3 Instagram Tips You Will Ever Need

Looking for Instagram help? Your Instagram is more than just showing off what you had for lunch. Nowadays, your Insta is a reflection of you. It’s a perfect canvas to show what YOU are about.

Whatever industry you’re in, you can’t ignore your social media strategy. And it needs attention every day. Every Single Day. That is a lot. Like, a lot a lot. You can do a Story or a Video or follow people or Comment on everything.

You only have so many minutes in a day to put your Instagram marketing strategy into practice. So what should you do first? What should be your Instagram strategy? Where do you start? What should you focus on? There’s so much to do but your time is limited.

You only have so many hours in a day. And if you only have a limited amount of time a day to focus on Instagram just do 3 things. Just 3 things.


1. Make like you’re 8 years old and TAG

Do not forget to tag other people. Tag tag tag.

Tag someone using their handle, either underneath a post you’ve made or underneath another person’s post.

Make sure it’s relevant - otherwise you’ll look like a stalker. Add a comment or a reason for the tag. ‘Thought you’d like this’ or ‘This made me think of you’

Tag a friend...

Tag someone who will enjoy the post...

Tag a company who would like it...

Tag a coworker who would find it funny...

Tag a business who would find it useful...

When you tag someone they will get a notification - they’ll be thrilled. Because they and their company) are getting exposure.

Most importantly they will engage back with you. And follow you. And then their followers will see you too.

And their followers are very likely to be interested in following you.

See how it works?

“ Hello, viral content!? It’s the next big thing calling! ”


2. You don’t have to be Shakespeare to post a STORY

Stories are the next big thing. In fact, they ARE the big thing. Right now. If you don’t do them, do them. There are multi-dollar businesses who only post Stories.

People (read: potential customers) don’t even look at feeds any more. They. Look. At. Instagram. Stories. Stories are quick - they only last 24 hours. They are punchy, they make you laugh, they are engaging, they show you a brand, they take far less time to look at than a caption under a feed.

SPOILER ALERT: People these days don’t have good engagement spans. Give them what they want and give it to them quickly.

So do a Story. Do it today. Do it now. Make it do anything. The more you practice and test and trial how to put together a Story, the better you get to see what people engage with.

Look at others. What do they do? What do you like? What do you dislike?

Instagram has invented tons of add-ons to make your Story interesting (they want to keep people using Instagram, HELLO!) so use it. Questionnaires. Polls. Countdowns. GIFs. Filters. Videos.

The more engaging and fun, the better the response - more people will follow you and more people will share you and more people will see your content.

Share other people’s Stories too. They may thank you by sharing your share. You can do the same if you share their Story.

The whole circle of love and sharing goes on and on and on...


3.Don’t put a ring on your finger but GET ENGAGED

Have a scramble around Instagram. There’s lots of people on there and just like in real life, they love it when they think they are popular.

Go around to find a few companies or individuals but be choosy about who you engage with. Are they in your industry? Are they a potential customer? Or do they have a lot of people following them who could be your customers? Will a potential customer see you commenting on their page?

Then get busy.

Like them, like a few of their posts, comment on it. Get involved in their competitions or share their Stories. The more interaction and communication you have with these people the better.

If you feel comfortable, send them a DM. You just need to comment on their Story and the conversation has started!

The more engagement the more that activity will come back to you. Once you’re engaging with people, they will respond, so will others, and things snowball from there.

Add a few Hashtags too. What’s relevant? What gets a lot of follows? What do the people that you follow, follow? Add them in when you leave a comment.

Not all engagements need a diamond.


So there you have it. 3 things you can do every day to get more from your Instagram. The more you put in, the more you get out.

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