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The 'It' Social Media Channel: TikTok

Everyone’s been saying TikTok is The Big Thing Right Now. But how is this viral video app becoming the world’s fastest growing social media platform?

Sorry, stop right there. TikTok, you mean that social media platform?

Just like everyone else, you’ve heard of this TikTok? Well until you actually download it and take a look yourself - and definitely book in hours notminutes to do that - then you can’t fully appreciate the magic that is TikTok.

But here are a few key phrases from other people to help you understand before you dive in:

TikTok - a short-form video app (Business Insider)

TIkTok - it’s like Instagram for videos (Caribbean Collective)

TikTok - a 15-second-or-less video creation app (Esquire)

TikTok - your never-ending feed of funny videos (MCRLF Ltd)

What’s the story?

TikTok was created by a Chinese media agency back in 2016. This has brought initial criticism to the app and even a threat to ban it from POTUS Donald Trump. But this shouldn’t distract from the fact that the app has exploded. And with good reason. Honestly the numbers speak for themselves:-

>TikTok launched in September 2016

>It has over 500 million active monthly users...

>...and over 123 million of those are from the USA

>Over 40% of users are between 16-24 years old

>90% of users go on TikTok on a daily basis

>On average, users spend 52 minutes a day on the app

But why is TikTok becoming solid gold?

Video content is the best medium to get across your message. Whether that’s comedy or marketing, it doesn’t matter - video is engaging.

With people’s attention span being numbed by a digital world, a 15 second video is the ideal time (check the facts here) for your video to stop before anyone gets bored. Any shorter and you might miss the message; any longer and you could get drop out.

The content is key.

People provide their own content - you’re not looking at perfect celebrities. You’re looking at real people doing really funny things.

TikTok makes it easy for you to make content - you can add popular music (or add unpopular music and make it go viral!) and use pre-set filters.

There are challenges - so you can be part of a bigger thing. Show off your dance moves or singing talent - or not as the case maybe. It’s still engaging and it could still go viral.

Each challenge comes with its own hashtag and these hashtags are where big brands are cashing in.

It’s the future then?

For sure. Get ready for your close up.

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