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Some of the Best FREE Marketing Training

Here at Caribbean Collective, we believe in empowering our audience. That means when we come across some excellent training, we like to share it.

To grow your business, you need to understand how your marketing works and how you can improve it. Your strategy and management can be done by people with years of experience, but this can come at a cost. We understand that not everyone - especially when they are starting out - can afford such expertise.

If you need to “do it yourself” for a time because you’re time rich but cash poor, then take a look at some of the training below. It could help you expand your horizons for your marketing strategy and execution.

Google Ad Words

Simple, effective and free. Thank you Google!

UX Design

Great guide that helps both designers and non-designers understand UX:

Website Coding

This is a starting point for your coding journey:


Don’t miss out SEO from your marketing strategy in 2021.

Email Marketing Strategy

Step by step workable guide on how to market to your audience.

Social Media Content

This is such a wide topic but it can all be found on Later - just pick a channel and go there!


If you have any suggestions for training videos or tips and tricks you found on a great website, then please leave them in the comment below. Let’s all support each other!

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