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Should your employees be involved in your marketing?

We say yes, you absolutely should! You can ask your employees for ideas, involvement and engagement - it’s all about being a part of the community.

Having your employees involved in the marketing of your business - especially your social media marketing - may seem like a lot of effort for no gain. Your employees are already busy with their work - why would you want to ask them to use some of their time to help create content or share these things across their social media channels?

There are so many fundamental reasons why your employees should be involved in your social media marketing. They are a strong asset that you should not ignore when looking at how to create viral content. Don’t just leave it up to one person or one department - get everyone involved and the results will be exponential.

Want to know the details? Read on to find out 5 ways your employees should be involved with your marketing campaigns.


1. Brand culture

The culture of your company rests on the shoulders of your employees. Your employees are those that represent the brand culture of the company and utilising them to show your brand culture is the right thing to do. 2. Employee retention Employees are happiest when they feel valued and useful. So asking them to take part in representing the company is a step forward in keeping those employees happy. Those valued employees will be more likely to stay loyal to your company.

3. Content creation Asking your employees to participate in social media content is the perfect way to expose the company’s human side to your customers. Your social media should explore the reality of what your company is like. People want to see ‘behind the scenes’ of company life and your employees are the ones who can offer this.

4. Charity days Company-organised charity events are becoming more and more frequent among larger companies that can afford to do it, and it’s no bad thing. As a customer, you want to know the company you are paying is donating some profits to charity, or organising days where they can raise funds for a good cause, and this is a great thing to show online.

5. Sharing is caring This is a simple but golden rule. When your employees share something online, their friends and family are more likely to share it - even more likely than your customers. Why? Friends and family are more dedicated to that employee than any customer can be to a company. So they’re more likely to share what the employee has shared than the company.


Do you agree with the above points? What’s your experience of having your employees help out on social media?

Let us know in the comments below.

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