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Should you use Twitter for marketing your business?

As part of your strategy, should you use Twitter for digital marketing? It’s a common question the Caribbean Collective get, and we’ll help you answer it.

With over 330 million active users* Twitter is not to be ignored. You can’t dismiss it out of hand just because you are not one of the 145 million daily users. But is it worth making it a major part of your marketing strategy? Will it bring you new customers?

This is a question we get asked all the time and it is not easy to answer because it depends so much on your business and your target market. As a business owner, you will know what you are offering, and who is looking for it.

So that’s your homework - really consider who it is who will be purchasing your products or services. Then read on to find out more...

1. Your Service or Product

Is the product or service you are offering openly or frequently discussed on Twitter? Is it a topic of conversation that many people can get involved in?

Let’s use an example. Have you got a one-off Ming Dynasty vase that can only be purchased for half a million dollars? Probably not worth putting it on Twitter. Do you have a new brand of water launching that uses eco-friendly production methods? Now there is probably a conversation going on about this on Twitter. So get involved.

2. Company Brand

The brand architecture of your company is one of the most significant things you can invest in. If your brand is framed as a forward-thinking and digitally connected, then you want to be seen on social media channels.

If your brand takes a specific political stance, or is part of a current trend or movement, then this particular niche probably has a space on Twitter. You should find this space and use it - get your voice into this conversation and it will open up new doors.

3. Your Local Environment

If your business is very locally driven, and cannot be offered globally or a regional scale then take a look at how people use Twitter - if at all - in your own region.

Do a lot of people in the place you reside have access to and frequently use Twitter? Are there neighbourhood watch groups or sales groups that you could be involved in? Do some research to see if there is a localised Twitterati, and if so, that’s your goal. Consistently engage with that local group.

4. Customer Engagement

Twitter is a conversation. It’s a conversation between many many people but it can also be one on one. Twitter is an excellent medium for a chat or question and answer session. Many companies use Twitter as a method of conversing with customers. Big companies will have two Twitter feeds - one for their main source of information/conversation and the other for their customer services. Have a think about your customers - do they like to get in touch with you in person? By email? On social media? If it’s the latter consider using Twitter as a way for customers to get in touch with you quickly and efficiently.


So now you know all there is to know about whether or not to use Twitter, what do you think? Will you? Should you deploy some of your energy to Twitter? Or will you give it a miss for the moment?

Let us know what you are going to do in the comments below.



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