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Should You Hire A Marketing Agency?

Hiring a marketing agency can seem like a luxury – or unnecessary when you have an in-house team. But are there pros you just haven’t seen?

The marketing budget for your company is one of the biggest expenses you have on your annual expenditure - and it’s also the most important. Each dollar or pound needs to have a return to make sure that you get back in more than you spent.

But how should you achieve this? How should your budget be divided, and more importantly, who should receive it?

Some persons choose to use a department in-house to manage their branding and marketing and there are several advantages to that. That person or team will have their full focus on the advertising strategies for the company and won’t be distracted by other clients. They will only be looking at, and working for, your company. What could be better? Well, actually, there are many advantages to using an external agency or freelancer.

→ Fresh eyes to a tired or outdated campaign.

If you’ve been working on a project for some time, it could be stale. There may be details or options you have forgotten, or missed entirely. You may need a fresh pair of eyes (or many pairs!) to see how to improve the campaign. This may mean changing up the aesthetics, or a new insight into a long-term strategy, and this simple new viewpoint can make all the difference.

→ Industry-wide knowledge and the scoop on your competitors.

Whilst working with other clients the freelancer (or team) will come across different strategies that could be applied to your business. They will also have their ear to the ground to find out what other strategies and campaigns are going on amongst your competitors - and other businesses for that matter - that could prove to be a benefit to your own business. This kind of knowledge is hard to come by, and should not be underestimated.

→ Expertise in very specific areas.

If you wanted to test a new kind of advertising style (an animated video perhaps?) or a brand new marketing channel (maybe geo-located app-only ads?) the department you have in-house may not have this niche experience in this area - but an outside company may already have experience and knowledge of this new technology and can help guide you to test and track this new direction.


There are plenty of reasons to try an out-of-company agency and it can bring many benefits to your marketing strategy overall. Take the time to consider your options before you spend your money. You may just find trying something new can do the trick! If you have any questions, or want to know more, email us at or leave a comment below.


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