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Re-introducing The Caribbean Collective

What's your connection to the Caribbean?

When we, the founders of Caribbean Collective met just over a year ago, our connection purely and simply was the Caribbean, more specifically, Barbados. The three of us met here, Nicolas born in Barbados then studied and worked in Manchester; Marianne, British-Trinidadian from London and residing in Barbados and Sang living between England, Barbados and Trinidad. Given our like-minded pursuit for creative media work that has positive impact, and our mutual fondness of both the Caribbean and London, we decided to synergise our expertise and experiences. That is how the Caribbean Collective came to be.

We are not alone in our story of finding home away from home, creating business or connections between the Caribbean and countries like England and Canada; we have met many living a similar lifestyle and sharing our perspective and appreciation for both worlds.

The Caribbean provides the opportunity for a lot of cross cultural connection and engagement, but as one would expect, messages get lost in translation. What we realised however is that on the commercial side of things, there are a lot of missed opportunities to engage with the different pockets of people who traverse the pond and live or spend part of their time on each side of the Atlantic.

Many businesses limit their target audience to one or two groups alone, when the reality is, they have not identified all the potential clients / customers. The reason seems to be simple enough: creating a connection between two cultures is not so much difficult as it requires flexibility in communication and approach to doing business. This gap exists as a natural result of differences in cultures, values, lifestyle, climate and the way people communicate in these different spaces.

This is something that we at Caribbean Collective have first hand experience of, and have turned it around to work in our favour. Having all lived and worked on either side of the pond for long enough to adjust, adapt and adopt cultural ways of both places, we are in a position to assist other businesses to do the same.

Our goal as a business is to bridge this gap. Caribbean Collective is well positioned to tap into these shared perspectives we have gained from living and doing business in the Caribbean and abroad - both individually and as a company.

Corporate strategy with our feet in the sand.

Our unique positioning and experience as a team / company gives us an insight and understanding of both the Caribbean and its culture, and the fast paced workings of inner city approach. We get the work done with the focus, acumen and drive of the city - but without the stuffiness. We know what else matters in life - which is why we live and work the way we do.

We believe that the businesses that will really benefit from our creative media services are those whose target audiences live across the pond (from either side), enabling them to operate in a foreign social and geographical market. Our job is to ensure that your business communicates effectively and creates media and marketing campaigns that make sense and are well received on all sides / by all.

Caribbean Collective - keeping the Caribbean connected (with London / your business)

Why work with us?

We naturally communicate comfortably and professionally in both overseas and the Caribbean markets. We can therefore ensure that your messaging and engagement is authentic, reaches people and is culturally appropriate.

By talking to people, not at them, we can help you to build a connection with your audience that translates into trust, brand loyalty and grow your client base.

It is all about the quality of your communication and the sincerity of your offering.

Our vision is to bring people together and thereby share perspectives, ideas and development strategies that will lead to organic growth, and promote cross-cultural connection and consideration.

Whether you are a small business, an international company or a one man band, if your work or customers cross the seas to the Caribbean, we can assist in elevating your engagement and impact on the ground, even when you are not here.

So if you are looking for a missing link between the city and the Caribbean, remember the Caribbean Collective - your trusted boutique creative media and marketing service based between London, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago. We bring together the best of both worlds for your business, in terms of audience, strategy and mindset.

Caribbean Collective - your Caribbean Connection / keeping the Caribbean connected / connecting you to the Caribbean.


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