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Promotions for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is up ahead and if you haven’t already got your promotions lined up (gulp!) don’t worry, we have you covered. Read on for the details.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner which is a great opportunity to offer a promotion for your customers and their loved ones. We’ve got 3 simple ideas you can use for Valentine’s Day Promotion to upsize your sales. Good luck!


This sounds better than Buy One Get One Free… and it’s the same thing! You’ll entice one customer with getting two when they would usually get one - cos there’s two of you. Get it? This can apply to anything, from another hair care product, to an extra cocktail or side dish. You decide what to offer, but spinning it with a “Treat For Two” feel will get those couples lining up.

Throw In a Freebie

As you’re guaranteeing not one but two persons’ custom, you should be able to work out something free you can give to your couple in addition to the original services they were going to buy. Make it orientated around the couple - so it could be an additional box of chocolates, or an extra 30 minutes to the massage. It has to work as a bonus to celebrate the special day.

Some Clever Wordplay

Sometimes you don’t need an offer. If you prefer to not use a promotion or give away to drum up business, you can still promote your business. Find some eye catching wordplay or amusing pun, and offer up your services as the perfect Valentine’s Day treat. No need for a discount! If people love what you do, they will be flocking to your door anyway.

So there it is. Quick and simple. Now Get The Word Out There!

Organise yourself a design using Canva or get a professional marketing team (yes, you can give us a shout) to write and design your campaign artwork and away you go - get it up on your website, Instagram, Facebook - anywhere you can post it on social media, and share with friends to get them sharing with friends. Make sure all your employees are aware of the offer and get it up in your retail space if you have one.


Like these ideas? Did you use a different promotion? Get in touch with us here in the comments section below or DM us on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn - we love to hear from you!

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