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Our Top 5 Branding + Creative Design Studios

We have been looking at the best designers in the UK, US and Caribbean. This week we have put together our top 5 design studios that are leading the industry.

Design is everywhere in our lives - from the products that we touch to the politics that surrounds us. Everything has been thought through by a designer (software or product or policy designer - they all exist , you name it) who has created that item from start to finish.

It doesn’t matter what is being made. A good design should be a revelation - it can build up or revolutionize an entire industry. A designer can build software or make a product or write a policy. If it’s good it will have a huge and positive impact on the world.

Today we are focusing on branding designers. This niche is harder than it looks - a designer must get the brand to say the right thing to the right audience. We have collected our top 5 favourite designers in the UK doing excellent branding work. Enjoy!


With a focus on the quality and craftsmanship of their work, Pentagram manages to effortlessly create an unforgettable identity for every single one of their clients. This is a company that does not cut corners and prides itself on giving every project their undivided attention.

Big Fish

One of our absolute favourites, Big Fish does product design like no other. With eye-catching designs that really capture the niche audience that the products are aimed at, it comes as no surprise that this company has a waiting list to work with them.


Infamous for campaigns that are totally different, off the wall, sometimes just downright crazy. MOTHER do not mind pushing the boundaries of what is usual or accepted as normal marketing protocol. It’s no surprise that brands like KFC and IKEA choose to work with them.

Katalyst Creative

We always want to support local companies so we have to give a big applause to this Caribbean-based creative studio. The uber-talented team at KCPI create brands and campaigns that are diverse, imaginative and seriously inspiring. Keep it up!


The synergy between Blind and their clients is impossible to ignore. They manage the creative process exceptionally, from start to finish, so that each campaign ends up being unique, representing that brand’s characteristics flawlessly every single time.


If you want to know more about these brand creatives, take a look at their website (click on their name above). If you have a comment or question - or just want more inspiration - email us here or leave a comment below!

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