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Our top 10 tips for writing a proposal.

Creating professional proposals can be daunting so take a look at our 10 tips for proposal writing to impress and engage with your audience.

Starting a proposal can bring with it a huge set of challenges - sometimes it’s just hard to start! Many people struggle with what information they should include or how they should make it look to ensure it’s appealing.

There is a way to make sure your proposal - however big or small - is done in the best way possible. Below, we’ve put together our top 10 tips to make your proposal a success. Good luck!

  1. Start with a plan. Before you even begin your proposal, write out a brief outline on a notepad. Make sure you have all the crucial points you need to hit, and then organise them into a coherent presentation.

  2. Think about your audience. What do they want to know? What are their priorities? Jot a few notes down and make sure you have included each item in your proposal so that no key pieces of information are missing.

  3. Outline one goal. If you can think of the one objective of the proposal, and ensure each page is contributing to that goal then you have the right content. Anything superfluous should be removed.

  4. Resist TMI. You should have just the points you need to get across and if the person wants further detail they can ask or you can tell them in a follow up. There is such a thing as too much information. Be choosy about what you include.

  5. Have an introduction and a summary. A proposal should have a cohesive structure so the audience understands the journey - a bit like a novel. You should have a start, middle (with a few different chapters) and an end.

  6. Don’t forget a CTA. Even if your proposal is the best thing ever seen it is no good without a call to action. The person watching or reading it may want to take action afterwards. You must tell the person what that next step is.

  7. Timing is key. You may be tempted to include every piece of information in your proposal but this is actually counter intuitive. It makes the proposal too long and people will get bored quickly. Keep your audience’s time limits in mind.

  8. Consider the design. The important part of any presentation is the content, but how facts are represented visually is important too. Take the time to ensure your proposal is aesthetically pleasing and easy to read, with visual enhancements where necessary.

  9. Ensure it’s on brand. You want your proposal to be as professional as possible. A good rule of thumb is to make your aesthetic align with your brand - that means using one type of imagery, a certain colour scheme and stick to 2 or 3 specific fonts.

  10. Ask a friend. It seems obvious but a second opinion - no matter who from - will always help. That person may spot something you didn’t. You could run through the presentation with them, and then see an issue you want to fix. Always double check.


How did you find the tips above? Were they helpful? Was there anything we left out that you think is important? Leave a comment below!

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