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Our Take On The Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro technique - suggestions and ideas for those sacred five minutes

You must have heard of it by now, the pomodoro technique which advocates a 5 minute break after every 20 minutes or so of work or study.

But if, like me, it’s hard to pull yourself away from the laptop or whatever your brain is focused on, you need to find something genuinely exciting to do in those five minutes. And here are my top 7 tips - all begin with ‘switch off your phone (or hide it)’:

  1. A simple yoga routine followed by Childs pose - give your body what it needs Inhale Exhale for 2 mins and stretch before and after - truly relax.

  2. A cup of tea or coffee (or cocktail) and nothing else. Just you and the beverage and be really present with yourself - unwind your mind.

  3. A quickie (yes you heard me, and trust me - you’ll get all the clarity and energy boost you need after).

  4. Look up a new recipe / hairstyle / restaurant to visit - the fun things that you keep meaning to do but slips your mind.

  5. Put on a song and dance around the room - feel free and joyous, you can laugh at yourself.

  6. Gaze out of the window and daydream on that big vision / dream you have - give yourself permission to be inspired.

  7. Read some poetry or a chapter of a book - make sure you let yourself escape for a few minutes.

Don’t do something productive, or practical; please don’t scroll on your social media feed. Instead, indulge yourself, do something for YOU. Not your business, not life admin, not for someone or something else. Make sure at least one of your breaks are for you and it’ll keep you on track for living and feeling like your best life.

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