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Our Predictions for 2021

We know that we are just at the start of a new year - but what will be new in marketing? What will stay the same? Here are our predictions for marketing in 2021.

The Growth of Video-based Social Media

It is undeniable that the growth of TikTok in 2020 indicates that this channel isn’t going anywhere in 2021. Now that Instagram has launched Reels, it is clear that video content is the way to go for anyone who wishes to stay ahead of the curve. The video doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive - it just needs to be authentic. Real content that you can really engage with. For great examples of videos to prompt consumers to purchase check out Miranda Kerr for her organic beauty brand Kora Organics

Diverse Marketing Campaigns

In 2020 we saw the Black Lives Matter movement go from strength to strength. We predict this will continue into this year and it will manifest by visibly diverse marketing campaigns. The use of BAME models in campaigns from health to travel will be a normal part of any marketing in the coming year. This will also extend to the use of “normal” bodies in fashion and retail campaigns, so that all marketing is using inclusive and diverse characters to portray consumers. What we can’t wait to see next is disabled persons also being included in campaigns.

Check out the Maltesers' ad campaign from a few years ago - we want to see more like this!

Member Get Member

This approach built Uber into one of the fastest growing companies on the planet, and it’s not going anywhere. MGM is like word of mouth and people trust a company when a friend or family member is already a consumer. Often overlooked, MGM is a really powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. We predict it will grow in 2021 as we move away from data-driven advertising, as data privacy laws strengthen, and Out of Home advertising, as we spend more time at home. Read more about Uber’s referral scheme here to get some ideas

More Online Purchasing

Now purchasing online is almost a necessity, its convenience will make it become the norm - and new companies have to step up. A strong UX design is essential and a smooth check out process with no barriers to payment, will ensure your online purchases will increase. Companies must remember to ensure as much information on the product is available on the webpage, to avoid returns, and make delivery options really clear so consumers know exactly what to expect.

Here are a few other helpful handy tips and tricks to start your ecommerce journey

The Rise of the Micro Influencers

No one wants Kim Kardashian anymore. They want the girl that lives down the street with great style and 2,000 followers. Micro influencers - otherwise known as nano influencers - are people with under 25,000 followers. Though they have a smaller following it is often more loyal. Better yet, they usually charge less than people with bigger followings, so even companies with smaller budgets can use them. Micro influencers usually have a niche or unique attraction which means their niche audience could be the perfect one for you. You can use external companies to help you take your first steps into the world of influencer marketing


We will do a deep-dive into all of these predictions throughout the year so keep an eye out for those future blog posts. Like our predictions? Think we’ve missed anything? Comment below to leave your thoughts and we look forward to engaging with you. Or if you prefer you can email us at

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