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Let’s take a walk in Barbados - Haggatt Hall - Harrow Organic Farm

Nestled on a small, shady plot of land in Haggatt Hall sits Harrow Organic Farm run by wife and husband Yosia and Conrad, and a team of dedicated workers.

The farm sits at the end of a short unnamed gap (look out for the car shop and ask for the vegetable place!). At first sight, it seems that there is nothing much happening down this little road; there is a 13 foot long container, its doors flung open, shrubbery and an awning of sorts. Walk a little further in, and you reach the soothing smile of Yosia busy in the office-come-vegetable aisle. What you find inside this container is nothing short of a treat for the senses - and your belly.

Large cartons of washed leafy greens line the right hand wall, everything from kale, spitfire lettuce, pak choi and arzula lettuce to spinach... the choice and variety is something to be commended. On the other side of the small aisle are shelves, three tiers holding everything from bell peppers, tomatoes, bodi beans, eggplant and beetroot to melon, plantain and banana. At the end of the shelf lie a selection of herbs to die for! Zesty marjoram, basil, lemon basil, fragrant coriander, parsley like you’ve never tasted, thyme, chive, shadow beni - you name it, everything you need to make a dish come alive can be found here.

Walking out of the back end of the container leads you to the farm itself, neatly pruned three by eight rows of luscious goodness, surrounded by moringa trees (yes the leaves are available to buy as well), banana trees, and shrubbery that give shade and shape to the humble yet fully fledged farm.

Since sampling the farm produce back in 2019, Harrow Organic has become my go to place for fresh vegetables, greens, herbs, and most importantly salad, on the island. The goodness and taste trump supermarket-bought produce, especially when it comes to the leafy greens. On top of that, a visit to the farm puts you in good spirits, as Yosia is always there to greet you with a heartfelt smile and readiness to find you the foods that you need to stay nourished and satisfied.

So, the next time you need to pop out for ingredients for a meal or go for your weekly shop, take a detour and swing by Harrow Organic Farm; supporting local, eating well and building community spirit are only a handful of reasons that we at Caribbean Collective are loyal customers of this quaint farm, tucked away on the West of Barbados. We might even bump into you there soon!

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