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How To Write An Email Marketing Message

After last week’s blog on how to optimise your email marketing strategy, we’re doing a deep-dive into how to write an effective marketing email.

Today we’re focusing on the content of your email . There are some really simple rules around what you actually put into your email and getting this right can help increase engagement with your campaign, and ultimately better results for your business.


The first thing you need to tackle is: what's the message you are trying to convey? It could be a sale or it could be an informative piece about new ingredients, or a product launch. Whatever your message is, make it focused and make it clear. A total stranger should be able to read that email and say “Your company does X and this email is about Y”. If you can pass the “stranger test” you have succeeded!


When building your email there are specific parts of the structure that need attention: subject line; body text; images. The subject line should be short and fit within the limits of the subject line on any device (you can find out more information on the limits here). The body text should be equally brief and to the point - and attention grabbing. Ensure you have meta titles and metadata on your images. These seem like small details but will give you the edge in the long run.


You need a call to action. There is NO POINT in sending an email with all the information on it, and all the images on it, and no way for a customer to take an action. This is imperative and so often overlooked. You need a clear thing for the customer to do - it’s usually a button to a website. But you should also have some other options, eg an email or phone number, or your social media.


If your company is relatively new it’s important to teach persons what your brand is like - perhaps there’s a specific colour or particular tone of voice you use. If that reader already knows your brand - great! They will see your logo, or a specific font, and know immediately it’s your business. They will know what you’re offering and they will want to read on! If your email does not look like your company then some people may dismiss it.


The interface of the email is incredibly important. Do not make the “Buy Now” button a bland colour because it will disappear on the page. Do not only put one button (put a button at the top and the bottom on the email, and maybe one in the middle!). The design of the email in terms of its clarity and usability by your audience is crucial for success.

The content of your email is crucial to its success. Make sure you check it, and a colleague checks it before you send it to your audience - remember any errors or mistakes will be seen by consumers, so it is really important that this key piece of communication is checked and double checked. Good luck!


Want more ‘How To’ Guides? Need some more information or want to share your experiences? Comment below and don’t forget you can get in touch with us directly at or DM us on social media.

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