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How To Optimise Your Email Marketing Campaign

We specify what are the top tips - and the pitfalls - to create a full-proof email marketing strategy and ensure you have a successful campaign.

Email marketing is one of the most effective channels out there in your marketing arsenal. But there’s some practical do’s and don’ts that you can apply to any campaign that will really help make it resonate with your audience and improve that response many times over.

Below we lay out the critical parts of an email campaign that you should focus on - and if you do these right then your campaign should generate a return.


Getting your audience right is crucial. If people have signed up to receive your newsletters, then they’re keen to hear your news. But if a person just bought from you in the last week then they don’t want to get an email that shouts SALE!. Similarly, a brand new audience will need a little information about you as a company, so don’t just go in with 1 line of products when in fact you have 10. Be vigilant about who your audience is and make sure you are supplying the right message to that audience.


Picking the day and time to send your email is a lot of common sense and a little bit of magic. A good rule of thumb: don’t advertise wellington boots when it’s bright sunshine outside. The best time to email is when people are online - and for most personal emails are checked first thing in the morning and in the evening, so the best time to send is usually then. Think about your audience - when are they checking? And when do they purchase? Your understanding of your customer will help you make the right choice here.


A follow up email to your original campaign will encourage those persons who didn’t purchase last time to do so this time. Potential customers may be interested in your product or service but just can’t commit at that time - capture them later when you follow up with a reminder email. It shouldn’t be too different from your last email - it should be recognisable as a reminder, but so similar people think you’ve sent the same thing twice and it ends up as spam.

Finally, it’s worth noting that it’s hard to know where you’re going right and wrong. And here, the advice we can give is not the easiest to hear but it’s the best advice to take: Keep going. Keep testing. Keep learning. Look at the results and the data. The only way to find out what works is to consistently test and optimise your campaigns. Don’t give up. Good luck!


If you find any of these tips helpful let us know in the comments below. If you want to know more, just email us at or DM us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

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