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How To Grow Your Instagram Using Reels

Why are Instagram Reels so popular? Can they capture the attention of your audience and help you grow your business? Read on to find out more.

The Instagram Reel basics.

Instagram account, or if you prefer, you can shoot it using the Instagram platform and this gives you lots of options for filters and effects. You can also control the speed of your video.

You can also use your original recording sound or choose a song as background music, but copyright laws mean you can only add these onto a Reel that you are posting on your personal account, and if you download the video, the music won’t come with it.

It’s simple and easy to use. You now have the quick facts on Instagram Reels.

Why Reels?

Instagram Reels are very similar to Stories. After all, you can shoot and upload a video and upload it to Stories, so what’s the difference?

Well, there’s a few basic differences between Stories and Reels:-

  1. Stories only last 24 hours. Reels are there forever, on your profile page. They won’t go anywhere. Yes you can save Stories in Highlights, but most people are happy to have their Stories disappear (did someone say 1 day sale?)

  2. You can share Reels so much more easily. That’s exactly what you want for your business. You want your dedicated customers to share your Reel so that their friends and family (who are all likely to be the perfect customer too) can see it.

  3. A Reel can appear on the Explore page. If you hit the explore section of the Instagram app, you’ll be able to discover Reels from accounts you don’t follow. A business looking for a fresh audience will find their ideal targets looking for content on the Explore page.

But the real reason Instagram introduced Reels so that they could fight off the competition that TikTok is raising. If most of your friends and most-loved companies are kicking it all over Instagram Reels you won’t go to TikTok to find them. So Instagram is hedging its bets that their overall content - including Reels - is more of a magnet than TikTok.

How can you use them to grow your business?

You can get your Reels to appear on the Explore page on Instagram. If you’re looking for a new audience, try getting your Reel to appear on the Explore page. Remember, using relevant hashtags on your Reel will make it appear on the Explore page of your new potential customers.

Give your audience an insight into your personality. Remember, real people are buying the product or service that you're selling - and they want to see you as a real person too, and make a connection. This isn't the time to be shy. Get yourself or a colleague in front of the camera and explain what you do or what your product does. Get some brand personality into the video. Upload it to a Reel.

Wait for the feedback and then make sure you engage with everyone who gets in touch with you. The follow up you give is the most important bit of this transaction and will ensure your campaign is a successful one.


Has this given some insight into how you could use Reels to grow your business? Is there something we didn’t explain or you want to know more about? Ask in the Comments section below or get in touch with us directly at

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