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How to give your writing impact.

Empowered writing is another way of saying writing that has impact. Here are three quick hacks to empowered writing - come back to this checklist every time you finish a piece of writing and I promise you your writing will demonstrate confidence and get your message across more clearly.

1. Get rid of these words: should, only, just.

These are mitigating words. they take conviction out of your communication. They suggest suggestively, rather than assert.

Taking a clear stance and being disagreed with is better than undermining your own opinion to begin with.

Remember confidence projected through tone

2. Ask yourself: what are you actually trying to achieve from this piece of writing?

On a separate piece of paper or new document, write what your goal is for that piece of writing. What is the point of it? Why are you saying what you are saying? In other words, write out your why and use this as a reference to check whether you have made this point clearly in your writing.

3. Remove all apologies; ask with entitlement

Never give people an excuse for not doing what you want them to do. If you want help, why start with 'I know you're really busy or sorry for interrupting or I was wondering if you have time…' Never wonder - ask.

No one can fault you for asking; and in fact you're more likely to get what you ask for when the onus is on the other person to decline, say no or come up with a reason why they cannot.

Asking without apology shows that you value yourself.


Those are the top three things to look out for in your writing. Just remember that the impression that you make through your writing will influence the action that the reader takes in response to it. So make sure you mean what you say and say what you mean.

Let us know how you feel about your writing after using these hacks - and how they have changed the results you are getting.

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