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How To Do An Instagram Take-Over

What is an Instagram take-over? Is it an easy-to-do method of engaging new customers? We shed some light on the mystery and tell you how to make it a success!

When did Instagram take-overs come into existence? Well actually a long time ago. Since 2008. For the newbies, an Instagram takeover is when a company allows an individual - or a number of individuals/another company - to take over their Instagram Stories for a day. They can post whatever they like, whenever they like.

But why are they so popular? Has it been proven to lead to more sales? Or is it a gimmick? In the article below, we dig deeper to find out what the benefits - and drawbacks - there are to the Instagram takeover.

Who, what, why?

So first things first. The Instagram takeover needs to be organised between two companies or persons. For example a car company will ask a racing car driver to take over their Instagram for the day.

The racing car driver gets to try out the latest new car, and expose themselves to a new audience who may then become fans (and they will probably get paid handsomely for their time, too).

The car company gets the kudos of having a great racing car driver on their Instagram, endorsing their product and also bringing along their already existing fan base for the ride (no pun intended).

It’s a win-win for everyone. But does it always work?

The Results

What you’re looking for when you have a take-over is an increase in the awareness of your brand. Often, both parties will promote the other on each other’s Intagram pages, so that both will end up with exposure to a new, targeted audience.

If you were selling meats and fish, you wouldn’t target a vegan chef. There has to be synergy between the two audiences in order for this to be a success and make it work. You can risk losing customers if you don’t associate with the right company for your audience. So this collaboration must be chosen carefully. If it works well, you’ll end up with fresh audience of keen customers who will convert to buying whatever product or service it is that you are offering to them. So if you're keen, how do you go about them?

Plan, plan, plan

It may seem counterintuitive, as takeovers are supposed to be live, but plan as much of your content as you can before the day. What if you get stuck in traffic? Or have an emergency plumbing issue? The takeover has to happen or it’ll affect sales or leave you in breach of contract. The secret to avoiding this issue is to plan ahead. Create as much content as you can beforehand, and you can always edit it on the day. It’s still organic, it’s still live, it’s just prepared. It’s the equivalent of “here’s one I made earlier” which means it’ll be the best it can be, and ensure everyone enjoy the content more!


Is there something specific you would do with Instagram Stories that you think could work really work? Do you have any questions about it? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

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