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How to create a beautiful Instagram page♡

Does your Instagram feed look professional? It should. A person under 35 will likely check the company’s Insta before the website or Facebook page.

Customers look at a company’s social media profile page and gain so much information from it -- Your Brand

Your Temperament

Your Trustworthiness

Your Image

Your Style

Your Price Point

Your Demographic - and if it fits with them

From all this information, which they get in a few seconds, that consumer will decide whether or not to buy from you. Now answer - really honestly answer - the following questions.

Is your Instagram page an afterthought?

Do you post whatever you can, just on that day?

Are you bothering to put your promotions in your feed?

Does the feed look slapdash, incohesive, confused?

It shouldn't. And here is how you can sort it.

Instagram planner next to computer, phone and camera and coffee

Plan, Plan, Plan.

Plan out each month in advance. It takes a bit of time but costs nothing.

Find images and videos on Unsplash or Pexels to plan out your feed. They should all be on brand and stick to your colour theme, and if adding text, it should be your brand typeface.

Put your 30 or so posts together either in Canva or a social media management tool like Later (they have a pretty decent free version).

Once you’re happy with the posts and you’ve added a caption and hashtags to each one, get them scheduled so you make sure you consistently post everything in the correct order.

Daily Engagement.

Nothing will make your Instagram profile grow unless you engage with it. The algorithm actually reads how long you spend on Instagram a day so, if you can, aim for 45 minutes. That can be 15 mins in the morning, lunchtime and evening.

Go online and make sure you follow other people, or tag them in your posts if you like. Comment on posts that you identify with, and share them on your Stories.

Don’t be afraid to engage with others and do so in a positive way. A really useful rule of thumb is if it’s positive, then say it. If you wouldn’t say it to someone in person, then leave it off social media too.

Once you start to engage, and follow others you’ll see your Followers grow.

TOP TIP Don’t forget, you can’t follow or unfollow more than 100 profiles in a day or Instagram will cut you off! I would stick to around 75 just to be safe.

Future Maintenance.

None of this is helpful if you do it for 1 month only and then forget about it. You have to be consistent.

Put a note in your calendar or set up a meeting with the team each month, about a week or so before you run out of posts.

You must take time to review, and refresh. What posts worked? What posts didn’t?

Make sure you learn from your previous posts and use these learnings when planning the next month.

So, KEEP GOING. It’s the number 1 rule.

Have any other tips or tricks? Leave a comment so others can learn too.

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