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Christmas Marketing Ideas

Are you searching for some great Christmas marketing campaign ideas? The festive season is round the corner but don’t worry, we’ve got a gift for you...

Christmas is - in marketing terms at least - only round the corner. If you haven’t yet prepared for this busy festive period then do not worry. Here are 5 festive marketing ideas and how to execute them.

The Holiday Discount This is the strongest way to get your products moving. Giving a discount to people who are buying your product will tip people who are not-so-sure about buying over the edge to becoming buyers. It doesn’t need to be a large discount - it just shows you are thinking of your customers and are offering a competitive price at a time when other people are pushing up their prices.

A BOGOF Deal When the family is big, and you have to buy presents for everybody, things can get expensive. Help your customers out by offering BOGOF deals on items you can afford to. Perhaps that special someone deserves two of something, or if you have twins, it’s time to split the budget. Whatever the reason, a BOGOF deal can work wonders in increasing your sales targets. Just make sure your margins still work!

The Last Minute Dash Time running out? Get the word out that you can help your customer more quickly than other businesses! Ramp up the conversation, on all your marketing channels, about how you can distribute your goods just in time for Christmas Day. With many people leaving their shopping to the last minute (not naming any names of course) you can capture the late shopper with a late opening on Christmas Eve, and a last minute delivery of the perfect gift for their loved one.

Christmas Bonus Can you imagine what is better than buying one perfect present for your loved one this Christmas? Getting an extra present as a surprise! If you can give a little something extra along with the product (A few chocolates? A simple keyring?) then you are giving that added extra that will make a customer buy from you rather than someone else. It shows you care about your customer and are thankful for them coming to you. The person receiving their extra gift will also be grateful!

Giving Back Christmas is a wonderful time for families, but there are some who find the time more difficult than others. Setting aside some of your profit to donate to a charity or good cause can be a wonderful thing to do at Christmas (or at any time of year!). If you wish to, you can tell your customers that you will be donating a set amount of profit that you make to charity, and this can be an incentive for consumers to spend their money with you.


Just a few ideas for your Christmas promotion. If you have any more ideas, don’t forget to comment below!

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