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A Post Pandemic World - What to Expect? Part 2

Part 2: What can we expect to change?

While times are incredibly difficult for everyone at the moment, the old adage still stands – “in every crisis there is opportunity”. More than likely countries and regions will shift their focus to producing and trading locally/regionally in a bid to become more sustainable and less reliant on external forces. While global trading will not stop, there will definitely be greater emphasis placed on a country’s self-sustainability going forward. We have also seen a clear distinction between the digital and physical economy of places, as those who are able to work digitally have been able to navigate these turbulent waters a bit easier than those whose jobs rely on physical presence. Digital skills are more in-demand than ever, and similar to the above – while physical skills are always needed; the digital economy will continue to rise. I still think we’re some ways off from ‘I Robot’ though. :)

We will also see more focus put on healthcare, health-tech and our personal health. A large component of our health is dependent on the food we grow and eat; and it is no secret that there’s way too much food being produced with little nutritional value to the consumer. Supporting local & regional farmers & producers, along with utilising crops & livestock native to the area will enable countries to be less reliant on imports, which helps improve food & health security significantly. If you ever dreamt of being a farmer, now’s the time!

All of the above point to a diversification of industry – this is the key thing to be prepared for. Countries that have been especially reliant on Tourism as their main industry will probably take even longer than others to recover from the pandemic, and will need to adapt to a world where constant travel might not be as prevalent as before. All industries and businesses will have to adapt to the coming changes ahead.

With most of the planet on lockdown at the moment, now is the perfect time for you to reflect and ask yourself - how do you see yourself fitting in with the post-COVID 19 world?

You can use this time to learn a new skill, focus more on your physical & mental health, or develop those dreams you’ve had sitting at the back of your head for a while. Change is the one constant in life, so let’s take this time we’ve been given to reflect and enact some positive change to create the world we want to see going forward.

#staysafe #staystrong #stayhome

What do you think will happen in our post pandemic world? Share your views and comments below.

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