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3 Reasons You Should Not Ignore Facebook Marketing

Have you ever wondered "Should I do Facebook marketing?" or do you just want to know more about what Facebook advertising could do for you?

computer with facebook marketing data results on the screen

A lot of marketers are going to suggest that you should focus on Instagram. It is aesthetic, cool, and where all the influencers are focused. But this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the social media platform for you. It really depends on what you’re selling.

If you are marketing a specific type of product or service it may not necessarily appeal to the Instagram crowd.

Facebook may be considered “old hat” by some people but you cannot ignore the marketing value that it gives you.

It’s the social media equivalent of a war horse - but that experience brings value.

1. You get access to a really specific audience who, let’s face it, are usually at the wealthier scale of society

Boomers do not use Instagram or Tiktok - let alone Snapchat.

Facebook is the only social media platform that will give you advertising access to persons over 50.

The “grey” economy, as it is charmingly known, denotes those persons who are in the apex of their career or have retired recently, and are usually comfortably off.

With no dependents to speak of and years of savings, they tend to have the extra cash to put towards a product or service.

2. Sophisticated targeting

When you advertise with Facebook you can target people very specifically.

This targeting will make your campaign so much more successful because not as much of your campaign will be wasted.

It’s not unknown that Facebook gathers a lot of data on its users and this can be harnessed for your promotion.

Remember, knowledge is power.

3. Analytics

Facebook provides extensive data about your audience.

The data that you get from Facebook does not just delineate age and location.

Facebook holds insights into hobbies, activities, income, groups that your potential audience takes part in.

This is going to give you real, useful insights into your customers.

This is the kind of information that helps you convert your leads into customers.

After reading this, are you convinced? Do you still want to focus on a one lane highway or are you going to step off and experiment with another road that could really turn into sales? Leave a comment below and share your opinion.

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