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3 easy steps to get more followers on LinkedIn

How to increase your followers on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a busy place full of busy people and busy companies and busy places, that you have never heard of, never been introduced to, never met.

How can you navigate this networking site so you get more followers? Well I have 3 things you can do - everyday for a month and you should start to see those results flowing in.

Find your current network

You’ve got to find and connect with your current network.

Firstly, complete your profile.

Add all the places you studied and all the places you worked becauseLinkedIn will optimise your account if you have a full and plentiful profile, so add certificates and skills, and get colleagues to endorse you or clients to add reviews.

Secondly, go to your suggested connections and start clicking. Someone will be a connection you’ve known since you were 3; others will be someone from a department in your company you never heard of. There’s someone there who you have 1 connection with, and it’s your school teacher from primary school.

Doesn’t matter. Connect with them anyway.

Search for a new network

You have to find a new network of people you can reach out to.

Look for relevant Groups that you can join, and connect with the members. This could be something you do as a hobby or a group that is related to your industry or business. You will need to engage with this group so pick something that you have a passing interest in.

Search for hashtags you’re interested in, and follow these too - look at who has been posting the most recent content - and connect with them.

This is a social network and the more you engage the more likelihood someone will follow you, endorse you, like your page or discover you.

Start making content

You must make organic content if you want eyeballs on your LinkedIn profile.

Creating organic content is not as hard as it sounds. Be authentic; be yourself. It’s your voice - don’t be afraid to use the word “I”. Be honest, be true, show yourself. Tell a story. Ultimately all content is a story and your story is just as good as anyone else’s and your journey is just as fascinating.

Your organic posts will be from the heart and will get a better response, more engagement, and ultimately more of a following than just sharing memes, videos or articles. Don’t be afraid to post several times a day, and you can keep your posts short and sweet or long form.

As long as it is authentic, organic, and true, you will see that engagement.

Are you starting to see clicks on your LinkedIn page? Bonus Tip! Keep going.

It sounds so simple but it does take work.

Post consistently. It needs attention every day. Most people are on LinkedIn Monday to Friday but people hop in and out at any time so try to be flexible about the time that you post.

Just make sure you post everyday and most of all have fun with it. You will be well on your way to making your profile a success.

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