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What we do

We are a group of business minded creatives with over 15 years experience in brand design and communication. We are based in the Caribbean where we work with local clients and clients across the globe, adding value with an open minded and down to earth, friendly approach to our partnerships.

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Who we are

A design orientated and brand-aware marketing specialist with over 10 years' experience, Marianne started her career in the third sector, swiftly moving to more commercial projects. Her expertise include marketing strategy, social media management and planning CRM. With multiple roles under her belt leading the growth of e-commerce start-ups, from fashion to furniture, Marianne is now committed to using her skill set and experience to help businesses that focus on healthcare and women's rights.

Sang is our resident wordsmith, copy-guru and creative content strategist. After several years of working in the legal and human rights field, Sang left corporate life to found an independent publishing house and manuscript editing service Opera on Sarovar Press and co-found the Caribbean Collective. Sang has extensive experience working on women focused initiatives, and is a keen advocate for personal well-being and mental health, as well as a champion for sustainable and eco-friendly living and business. 


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